Auction Marketing

The auction method of marketing is the most profitable way to convert personal property, goods, and real estate into cash. An auction is a form of marketing where the actual selling price is negotiated higher rather than lower. The auction method mainly involves two groups of people, the individuals who want to sale and the individuals who wish to buy.

An auction offers the sellers the ability to be in control of the sale by allowing them to set the date, time, terms, and conditions of the sale. The sellers are assured of a negotiated highest possible selling price. An auction allows the sellers to set the closing date and can relieve the sellers of the drawn out process of listing property or goods privately. The sellers get maximum exposure for their property or goods through aggressive marketing and advertising that creates potential interest and awareness of the property or goods, in addition to capitalizing on current interest.


The marketing strategy is more concentrated, therefore more intense and visible. A good marketing strategy targets specific individuals and parties who are most likely to be interested in purchasing that type of property or goods. The sellers can save on the expense and time of marketing property or goods because an auction reduces both the expense and time factors. The sellers also benefit by removing all other negotiations except the price and gain from the property or goods being sold in an accelerated time frame, usually with 6-10 weeks. This allows the seller to use the funds from an auction to reinvest, save, or relieve debt.

The buyers want to find a great buy without spending over their limits. Buyers come to an auction prepared to execute a non-contingent contract to purchase property or goods. The auction method allows buyers to gather on a set time and date for the opportunity to purchase the sellers property or goods. Buyers participate in an auction knowing they will purchase property or goods at a fair market value. By attending the auction, buyers can view and examine the property or goods they wish to purchase under a controlled environment. The auction method of marketing provides an exciting and competitive atmosphere for buyers to purchase property or goods.

Auctions generate excitement and adventure for all types of people. For most people wanting to purchase property or goods, nothing is more entertaining than a well run and organized auction. If you have property that you wish to turn into cash, give the auction method of marketing a try and let the Moss Auction Team put their combined experience and ethical professionalism to work for you. Give us a call, you will be glad you did. To put it best, “We Get Results”.